Business & Industrial Facility Maintenance & Safety Surveillance & Alarm Equipment Two-Way Radios
Motorola XTS5000 7/800 Model 3 P25 9600 baud phase 1, ADP, Impres battery
2 Harris XG-75 Two Way Radios EVXG-PBV1B
Kenwood TK5210 K3 VHF P25 Transceiver Full KeyPad Trunking KWD-TR20 Installed
Motorola XPR-8300 UHF Repeater 450-512 MHZ
2 Motorola XTS5000 Model I P25 Digital Radios H18QDC9PW5AN UHF 380-470MHz TESTED
Low Band Motorola Syntor X 100 watt 6 Meter Mobile With 32 Ch Scan Control Head
Kenwood KES-5 Mobile Radio External 40 watt Speaker w/Rubber GasketScrewsHousing
Motorola XTS5000 7/800 Model 2 P25 9600 baud phase 1, ADP, Impres battery
Motorola XTL5000 O5 Remote Control Head XTL 5000 CHIB Interface
Motorola CDM1550 LS+ 2-Way Radio 403 - 470 Mhz
3 Motorola ASTRO Saber Model III UHF Two Way Radios H04RDF9PW7AN TESTED
Motorola XPR 6550 VHF 136-174mhz Portable Radio AAH55JDH9LA1AN W/Charger
Kenwood TK 2180 VHF Radio Full Keypad
Lot of 5 Motorola XTS 3000 H09UCH9PW7AN Portable Two-Way Handie-Talkie FM Radios
Motorola EX500 450-512 MHz UHF 16 Ch Two Way Radio Mic & Charger AAH38SDC9AA3AN
Kenwood TK-3180 K 2 Portable Two Way Radio UHF 400-470 MHz + Charger
Harris P5500 800mhz Scan model phase 2
Kenwood TK-8180HK Mobile Vehicle Radio, UHF 450-512, 45 Watts
Motorola CDM1250 450-512 MHz UHF 40w Remote Head Two Way Radio AAM25SKD9PW2AN
Motorola RF Adapter XTS5000 XTS3000 NTN8327B P/N:4005825Z01 OEM
MOTOROLA GP360 UHF 403-470 MHz 255CH 4W Professional Radio MDH25RDF9AN5AE HT1250
Icom Radio IC-A110 AfJIC-A110 Used Working Free Shipping
Motorola XTL1500 P25
Motorola XTS5000 7/800 Model 2 P25 9600 baud phase 1, ADP
Motorola XTS 3000 800 mhz Trunking Digital Portable Radio Charger Battery
Motorola MTS 2000 UHF1 403-470 Includes Charger, Programming And New Battery
THALES 25 RACAL Handheld Portable Radio w/Antenna and Battery Pack PRC6894
Motorola XTL1500 M28URS9PW1AN 800MHz USED
EF Johnson Ascend 5300 ES 700/800 MHz Smartnet AES DES P25 Digital Mobile Radio
New Motorola CM200 UHF 438-470Mhz 4Ch 40W AAM50RPC9AA1AN HAM Mobile Only GMRS
Motorola HT-750 HT750 VHF 136-174Mhz Handheld Radio AAH25KDC9AA3AN
Motorola XTS5000 XTS3000 MT2000 Jedi VHF UHF Commander II Speaker Mic RMN5089A
MOTOROLA Radius M1225 UHF 450-474MHz Mobile Radio, 25W, 20CH w/Mic
Kenwood TK-2180 VHF Radio Full Keypad 136-174 MHz TACTICAL FEATURE SET FPP, TAC
Motorola Quantar T5365A Astro P25 IMBE 800 Mhz 100 Watts Programming Included
1 Motorola XTS3000 III UHF P25 Digital Police radio W /Programming Fire Astro
Kenwood TKR820 UHF Repeater
Motorola MaxTrac D44MJA73A4CK
Motorola Radius 8 Channel 60 Watt Low-Band Mobile Radio w/Microphone
Motorola MSF5000 VHF Power Amplifier TLD2770B
Motorola XTL2500 VHF Remote Mount 110 watt P25 Digital Mobile Radio M21KTM9PW1AN
Motorola MTX9250 900MHz AAH25WCH4GB6AN POLICE FIRE EMS Two Way Radio
Zetron Model 37 Repeaterman
1Motorola Spectra Astro P25 Digital 800 Mobile radio W/programming Police fire
Kenwood TK-380 Version 2 UHF Handheld Radio
New Motorola XTS1500 Model 1.5 700/800Mhz P25 9600 Digital Complete XTS2500
Motorola HT1000 VHF 16 CH 136-174
Kenwood TK-980 800 MHZ LTR Trunking Mobile Radio NEW!
MOTOROLA HT1250 UHF 450-512 Mhz Two Way aah25sdf9aa5an
Motorola HT1550XLS VHF 136-174MHz Two Way 160 Channel AAH25KDN9DU8AN 2xbatts G4
Motorola APX6000 APX7000 APX8000 HMN4104 B IMPRES Remote Speaker Mic w Display
Motorola H18UCF9PW6AN XTS5000 Digital Portable Radio 1000 Channels 2 Way Radio
UHF Amplifier 100 Watts from Motorola MSR2000 TLE2283 B
Kenwood TK-8180K2 UHF 400-470mHz Mobile Radio, 30 Watts, 128 CH
New Motorola XTS5000 XTS3000 MT2000 Jedi VHF UHF Commander II Speak Mic RMN5089A
3 Motorola CP150 VHF 4 ch 146–174 MHz AAH50KCC9AA1AN with chargers, good conditi
Read!! Kenwood NX-320 Nexedge Walkie Uhf Digital Transceiver Bundle
Motorola CP185 Two Way Radio UHF 435-480mhz 16 Ch 4Watt AAH03RDF8AA7AN
6 Motorola XTS3000 Model II VHF Digital Radios H09KDF9PW7BN TESTED
3 Motorola XTS 3000 Two Way Radios H09RDC9PW5BN W/ Charging Cradle TESTED
Motorola Astro Spectra PLUS W7 800 MHz P25 IMBE SmartNet
1-Police Motorola XTS3000 III VHF P25 DIGITAL Narrowband EMS radio W/Programming
Motorola XTL5000 800 MHz Remote Mount 05 P25 Digital Mobile Radio M20URS9PW1AN
Motorola XTS5000 XTS 5000 Model III 700 / 800 Mhz Two Way Radio H18UCH9PW7AN
ASTRO 25 Programming DVD XTS XTL 1500 2500 5000 R20.01.00 Disk
 Motorola APX 05 Head Mid Power APX6500 Dash to Remote Mount Conversion Kit
Motorola CDM1250 VHF AAM258KD9PW2AN Two Way Radio AS-IS
Icom IC-F30GT VHF Portable Transceiver, case, charger, battery, antenna.
iCom IC-F33GT/GS 2 Meter handheld transceiver, LMR VHF version 136-174MHz
EF JOHNSON ASCEND 5100 800MHz AES DES FPP P25 Multinet Smartnet Smartzone Radio
Motorola XTS2500 P25 800 mhz P25 Astro 9600 Baud Digital Model III GOOD Cond!!
Motorola M1225 VHF 20 Ch 45 Watt 150-174 Mhz
Motorola XTS 3000 III 800MHz Astro Digital IMBE H38 Smartzone Radio H09UCH9PW7AN
Motorola MCS2000 UHF 110 Watt Mobile
Kenwood tk-2140
Motorola CP110 Two Way Radio
Motorola XPR 4350 UHF mototrbo
Motorola HT750 VHF radio, charger, antenna, used battery, adapter AAH25KDC9AA2AN
Kenwood TK-7180H VHF 512 Channel 50 Watt Mobile Radio
BENDIX KING BK RADIO DMH5992X Digital Mobile Radio
Kenwood TK-690H 110W 35-43mhz Mobile Radio 2 Way Tested Working
Kenwood TK-880 UHF FM Transceiver Base/Mobile Two Way Radio
Kenwood TK-790H VHF FM Transceiver KRK-5
Motorola Temple Transducer Headset RMN4049A HT1000 MTX8000
Motorola R1225 VHF Hi Power Repeater Transceiver 146-174MHz M43GRC90C2AA R1225
3 Motorola XTS3000 Model II VHF Digital Radios H09KDF9PW7BN TESTED
8 Motorola XTS3000 Model II VHF Digital Radios H09KDF9PW7BN TESTED
KENWOOD NX-320 k3 Nexedge UHF DTMF Keypad
Motorola PM400 438-470Mhz UHF 25W 64Ch Narrow Police HAM Car LTR Mobile Radio
Motorola MCS2000 Model III 800 MHz Mobile 2 Way Radio M01UJN6PW6BN w/mic
Motorola CM200 Radius UHF Mobile Two-Way Radio - Unused in original box, opened
Motorola M1225 25-40 Watts Mobile . UHF 450-474 MHz W/N Band
Motorola HT1000 Radio VHF H01KDC9AA1DN Narrow Band Handheld Radio
1x Motorola XTS2500 Model II Portable Two Way Radio 700/800 MHZ H46UCF9PW6BN
KENWOOD TK-730H VHF Vehicle 2-Way Radio with Microphone
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Nigeria: Ferraz - Technology Solutions Will Enhance Return On Investment
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He said the company acquired Psion in 2012 for US$200 million in order to expand Motorola's mobile computing portfolio as well as gaining deep expertise in manufacturing, industrial and supply ... business. We make professional and commercial two-way ...
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The Engineer - Sept 2012 Online
Nexus has announced that the Datakey Electronics industrial memory product range for ... agreement with the intention of further developing sales and business opportunities for Harting’s radio-frequency identification (RFID) range. Our poll last week ...